Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Child Model

This Summer Ryden was picked by the kids clothing co. Quinn and Fox to model for their Spring/Summer 2015 line.  Just by chance I saw on instagram that they were holding a model search and I submitted his photos.  All of his life people have suggested that I submit his pics to an agency but I never gave it much thought.  This Quinn and Fox photoshoot was the beginning, and a test to see how he liked it and how he handled it.  He loved it!  He was cooperative and seemed to enjoy being photographed.  He really liked of course, the other 15 or so children that were also involved in the shoot.  And so it began...Here are the only shots that have been released from the shoot.  More pics later (line is available January)! On a side note, what a company to have his start with!  They were so sweet and the clothing is amazing!  I can't wait to purchase the new line, which has expanded to large sizes! Yay!

Sunnies from Sons + Daughters
Location: Oakland, CA-July 17, 2014