Thursday, January 1, 2015

Child Model-Part 2

So, after the excitement of being picked for Quinn and Fox's Spring Summer Line 2015 Ryden kept asking, "when am I going to model again"?  Of course, I realize, he thinks modeling is hanging out with new people (kids) taking a road trip, and basically having an adventure!  Up until now, the poor guy had never even been to San Francisco!  Let me explain, for most of Ryden's life I had a cupcake business/shop.  Which meant, we were there practically every day, all day.  Not much room for adventure!  So...I researched some model agencies in San Francisco and found the JE Model Agency.  The website said to submit a few pics via email and they would be in contact if interested.  I submitted the photos without any expectation of hearing back right away, or at all.  I was quite shocked that Shannon, the child talent agent for JE Model rang me up a few days after I submitted photos.  She asked if I she could meet us, next week?!?  So, off we went to San Francisco for our meeting!  Shannon was super nice, asked Ryden some questions, no pressure.  We chatted for about an hour.  She offered us a contract at the end of the conversation.  Again, I was super shocked.  And excited.  And freaked out.  We were definitely in for an adventure...To be continued!

Location: Union Square, San Francisco, Ca.-Sept 4, 2014

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