Monday, January 5, 2015

Modeling Career-The beginning

It was about 1 month until we received his work permit, and headshots.  Then came the whirlwind!  I'm not sure if this is atypical experience of what child modeling is like, but it's our experience.  As soon as work permit was valid, and portfolio was up, everything started happening really fast.  A first audition for a athletic shoe company, another, a casting for LA Fashion Week, and a direct booking for Old Navy.  This all happened in a matter of 2 weeks.  It gave me an unreal expectation of how it was going to be.  It's not always that fast, and he won't always book everything.  More on that later...The first casting for the athletic shoe co. he was put on hold for.  What is a hold? A hold is something they do if they are interested and would like to block off the day of the shoot in case they decide to book him.  The LA Fashion Week casting, which was for Nancy Vuu he booked!  That was super exciting for us, because as it just so happens, he had a signature runway walk!  Blame it on my love for the show Top Model!  So off to LA we went, again more on that later!  After we got back we almost immediately had to be in San Francisco for the Old Navy fitting and shoot.  It was overwhelming, exciting, and it felt really amazing that he was so well received in, what seemed like everything he did.  The hold on the sports co. however was released, meaning he didn't get the job.

location: San Francisco, Ca Oct. 6, 2014, and Fremont, Ca. Oct 14th, 2014

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