Saturday, March 21, 2015

LA Fashion Week-Nancy Vuu

Ryden was booked (his second audition) to walk in Nancy Vuu's runway show in LA (about 5 hours south of us).  The funny thing is, just before this we started practicing our runway walk, even though our agent said runway opportunities were rare.  So, off to LA we went!  It was a long day, but so exciting and fun!  He wore a grey knicker suit and bare feet!  I was so proud of him for doing it with almost no nerves.  I mean, really he's a 6 year old boy and he worked that runway!  Okay, he completely had a wardrobe malfunction with the removal of the jacket but once he (finally got that thing off) the crowd burst into applause! 

Location: Los Angeles, CA.-October 14, 2014